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Introducing the most efficient path to insights at scale, Custom Recruiting with the NewtonX Graph. Our proprietary, AI-driven search scans global professionals across 140 industries to find the exact person to answer any kind of question. Every search is custom, we never recycle data, and we stand behind our 100% verified research.

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NewtonX was able to find and reach an audience in EMEA that fit our specific requirements. We had a great experience with them and they absolutely delivered the quant and qual sample we needed to make an informed decision.
Director of Research
Top European Consulting Firm

Partnering with European companies for 5+ years

We are proud to have many employees, executive team members, and investors from Europe. Providing insights that influence the future of European companies has always been a high priority here at NewtonX. In addition to partnering with some of Europe’s premier companies, we have attained the following certifications: BBB EU Privacy Shield, SOC 2, and ESOMAR.

Custom recruiting professionals at scale

Reliable, fast, & precise insights

Designed to uncover niche insights at scale, our innovative approach to market research custom recruits audiences and is expedited through technology. The ability to target unique professionals in specific geographies has enabled European companies to stay ahead of the curve.

NewtonX Research Reach


Access to global professionals ensures that you find the right person every time.

NewtonX Verified Professionals


End-to-end primary research services that provide 100% verified data.

NewtonX Custom Recruiting


Utilizing automation and AI enables faster delivery times at scale.

Case Studies

case study

How NewtonX user research uncovered growth insights for a digital advertising agency

To combat stagnating growth in the EMEA region, our client needed to understand awareness, preferences, and barriers to using their ad platform and tools. To get detailed and relevant insights, the company needed to hear both from advertisers that were actively using its services and tools—and from those who were not using it or stopped using it.
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In 25 days, we were able to conduct 15 expert interviews and 300 survey responses from media and advertising professionals across EMEA.


The research uncovered where our client should focus marketing resources to boost awareness. The company has since emerged as the leading platform in the EMEA region, with revenue consistently outpacing projections.
“NewtonX was able to find and segment an audience in EMEA with active digital advertising platform users. We had a great experience with them and they absolutely delivered the insights we needed to make an informed decision.”

case study

How Tableau utilized a NewtonX brand tracker to sustain innovation

Tableau empowers enterprises to drive change with data. They came to NewtonX to design a brand tracker with input from senior IT and business decision makers to inform product strategy.
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In just 10 days, NewtonX custom recruited and surveyed 600 IT and business decision makers spanning the US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.


Tableau now regularly outpaces quarterly growth projections, enabled by competitive intelligence gained from NewtonX’s brand tracking and decision maker sourcing capabilities.
“NewtonX gives us continued confidence that we’re sourcing the highest quality data to drive critical business decisions.”
Jason Talwar
Head of Market Insights and Research for Tableau, Salesforce

Proven results

We understand that reliable information is critical to business success. That’s why we support niche requests and deliver verified insights at scale across the globe.


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Leading European companies are driving results with our innovative approach to primary research. We provide the edge they need to stay competitive by gathering unique insights at scale.