NewtonX 2021 Year in Review

As we transition into 2022—another unpredictable year in a series of many—we’re taking a moment to celebrate the certainties. Being the world’s leading B2B research company, NewtonX is proud to empower industry-shaping organizations with the insights they need to thrive amidst reviving business landscapes. Thinking about where B2B market research is headed and how you can be prepared to meet its challenges?

Enter: Our 2021 Year in Review.

B2B research is broken for enterprise organizations

Insights leaders know they’re working with subpar data for business-making and breaking decisions. There must be a better way.


of professionals

see having high quality data as either “extremely important” or “important” in achieving their business objectives.

(Source: Experian)

of professionals

consider the current state of their data to be clean and fully able to be leveraged.

(Source: Experian)

We’ve ushered in a new standard of truth

Our unique process is called Custom Recruiting and it’s designed to deliver the highest quality professionals so you can make decisions with confidence.

NewtonX Search Process


We dive into your business problem and create a custom search query in the NewtonX Graph to scour the world for the best professionals.
NewtonX Recruiting Process


Our team begins with a targeted outreach process, crafting personalized messages to pique your target’s interest in the right place, at the right time. We develop a channel strategy and reply to professionals 1:1 with unique survey links.
NewtonX Delivery Process


Before professionals can provide their insights, our technology facilitates a unique two-step ID verification process to ensure true expertise.
NewtonX Verification Process


Our in-house team of analysts and consultants deliver real-time intel, raw data files, and in some cases, an analysis with actionable takeaways.

2021 by the numbers

We’ve been lucky to work with organizations of all sizes and industries from Fortune 500 enterprises to the top consulting firms, financial institutions and leading market research firms.


increase in new clients


of new clients started a second project with us


reason clients choose NewtonX is our ability to source hard-to-find B2B audiences


of Big Five in Tech served


professionals surveyed in quarterly Voice of Customer brand tracker


raised for our Series B

We consistently deliver large projects for enterprise clients

With the NewtonX Graph, we’re able to search an open network of 1.1 billion B2B professionals across over 140 industries. Our unique Custom Recruiting process is designed to deliver the exact professionals you need to make decisions with confidence. Through our 2-step ID check, professionals are 100% verified, ensuring you get the highest quality respondents with 0% fraud.

Their knowledge graph and custom recruiting automation allows them to connect business leaders to insights they previously could not access or where they had to question the validity of the data, NewtonX solved this problem and will be a critical part of companies’ competitive edge in the years to come.
Marbruck Investments

Refining our expertise to better serve our clients

We saw research trend across the key industries below, and our first-rate client experience garnered rave reviews.

Industries Served
I had a thoroughly delightful experience with NewtonX for a particularly hard to recruit B2B survey project. Their management of the process and client service was superb and a project that I was once skeptical about finding the right interviewees for has now completed. I was stunned at the caliber of executives they pulled in for the qual interviews.
Top Global Insights Company
Director of Insights

We deliver both scale and specificity

Our technology reaches across 140+ industries to give you the scale of a panel combined with the depth of an expert network.

Retirement plan sponsors

Electric vehicle parking station decision makers

Dental insurance software professionals

Blockchain Challenge

Crypto currency investments for hedge funds & family offices

IoT solutions in hotels


International analytics users

Our Industry-Defining Moments

We solve your most pressing business challenges spanning benchmarking, Voice of Customer, product-market fit, and more.


Finding 75 CFOs for Fortune

We partnered with Fortune to conduct its first-ever CFO survey. The goal was to conduct competitive benchmarking to see what CFOs, who would be most concerned about their organization's financial health, thought about the future of work.
Read the case study


In 3 weeks, we custom recruited 75 hard-to-find CFOs.


Our research was published in six Fortune Analytics and CFO Daily articles over the course of two months. The press totaled over 900,000 page views and generated positive reader feedback on how insightful the data was.
Over at Fortune, we’re excited to publish the results. There are some really compelling findings. We’ve had solid reader response, NewtonX did a great job on this.
Lance Lambert
Editorial Director, Fortune

product-market fit

Transforming UX at Pinterest

We partnered with Pinterest to help them better understand how their advertisers perceived brand trust.
Read the case study


We found 600 professionals who were current, former, and prospective Pinterest advertisers, as well as advertising professionals working in-house for brands. We utilized a mix of qualitative and quantitative survey methods—our Q3 methodology—for in-depth insights.


By using new methodologies to challenge old research assumptions and discover latent insights, our collaboration with Pinterest yielded them both an improved insights practice and more confident brand decisions.
We were delighted that NewtonX could do quant-qual-quant research in such a short time. In the B2B space, not many people are leveraging or thinking of doing these mixed methods.
Kitty Z Xu
Quantitative UX Research Lead, Pinterest

voice of customer

Reaching 200M+ content creators and influencers

Our client needed access to content creators they couldn’t find through expert networks and closed panels, and they needed to onboard this new audience to market research.
How we do ad tech research better


We searched our database of 200M+ content creators to find and survey 5,000+ creators in 14 different countries, across platforms, following size, and categories.


Equipped with NewtonX insights, our client was able to make better recommendations to ultimately make better product decisions for the creator economy, estimated to be over $100 billion dollars.
NewtonX is the gold standard for content creator research.
Research Lead
Leading Social Media Platform

NewtonX Strategic Partnerships

This year we’ve invested more in our client partnerships than ever before. Our new strategic relationships generate higher value and lower cost on every project. Through our flexible retainers and NewtonX Managed Services, clients are thrilled to have the NewtonX quality at market-competitive rates.

How can you uplevel both your B2B research and business goals? To learn more about our strategic partnerships, write to

NewtonX is an invaluable resource for our growth-oriented market strategy projects when we require specialist expertise. Their ability to introduce individuals with industry-specific technology and functional knowledge for input into our market assessments is excellent.
Management Consultancy advising Fortune 500

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