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International market research company

To get a true sense of where your company’s offering sits in the international marketplace, you need insights from a global market research company. Planning expansion at a global scale requires in-depth understanding of possible markets and how they interact with your product or service. But it’s incredibly difficult to find the exact professionals you need to answer your questions without a global market research firm as a partner.

What answers will an international research company discover?

There are different levels of international market research that can answer whatever questions you have.

 For example:

  • Develop ideal customer profiles for a variety of international buying teams
  • Identify how each persona prioritizes product or service features according to their different needs, pain points and aspirations
  • Deepen understanding of how different people from different cultures interact with your offering
  • Target communication and product or feature development more effectively by using cross-cultural insights 
  • Pricing research helps you find the best price point in international markets and currencies
  • Evaluate competition that doesn’t exist in your US market
  • Inform a go-to-market strategy for entering new international markets

Partnering with a global market research firm gives you comparable insights into potential markets in multiple countries or regions. You’ll have all the information necessary to understand your TAM’s global reach and inform the strategic decisions that underpin successful international expansion. 

  • Competitive intelligence (CI) research
  • Go-to-market planning
  • Market entry research
  • Market sizing research
  • Market feasibility research

International market research company to deliver both scale and specificity

Our technology reaches across 140+ industries to give you the scale of a panel combined with the depth of an expert network.



  • Cryptocurrency specialists advising on hedge fund projects 
  • Advertising professionals overseeing brand spend
  • Reddit users that visit Reddit for NSFW content
  • IT decision-makers evaluating cloud software services

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NewtonX’s platform gives us continued confidence that we’re sourcing the highest quality data to drive critical business decisions.

Jason Talwar
Insights Executive with 15+ years of experience (Salesforce, Tableau, Microsoft)

I was really excited when we found NewtonX. Their Custom Recruiting has genuinely been a game changer for us in terms of data quality. Not only do I have much greater trust in the data, but the variation in the data means I can more easily provide actionable direction for our product and marketing teams without finding myself rationalizing away bad data.

Matt Harris Senior Customer Research & Insights Manager

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