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Is the narrow scope of traditional expert networks limiting your ability to evaluate investments? Introducing the most efficient path to insights at scale, Custom Recruiting with the NewtonX Graph. Our proprietary, AI-driven search scans 1.1 billion experts across 140 industries to find the exact person to answer any kind of question. Every search is custom, we never recycle data, and we stand behind our 100% verified research.

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NewtonX provides unprecedented access to hard-to-find B2B audiences that truly understand the intricacies of an industry. This access, combined with their analysis capabilities, has proven invaluable to gain previously unattainable insights.

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Traditional expert networks rely on resume centric recruiting and manual processes. Our innovative approach to hedge fund research is expertise centric and expedited through our proprietary, cutting-edge technology.

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Access to 1.1B experts globally ensures that you find the right person every time.

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End-to-end primary research services that provide 100% verified data through our 2-step ID verification.

NewtonX Custom Recruiting


Utilizing automation and AI enables faster delivery times at scale.

Case Studies

case study

How a hedge fund identified contrarian responses and risks missed by expert calls

Our targeted surveys helped a leading hedge fund reach more professionals and discover contrarian insights that earlier 1:1 consultations couldn’t deliver.
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After compiling 20,000+ technology VP-equivalents across the U.S. and Canada, NewtonX designed and launched a targeted customer survey within 24 hours. The deployed survey gathered responses from 60 professionals in 5 business days.


The targeted survey highlighted a number of points that were contrary to previous call responses. We quickly set up follow-up calls to better understand the responses and impact they had on our client’s investment thesis.
NewtonX connected us with hard-to-find B2B audiences that truly understand the intricacies of an industry. This has allowed us to gain previously unattainable insights while evaluating opportunities.


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Ensure high portfolio performance with deep investment insights from targeted surveys and end-to-end research providers.
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Using our proprietary NewtonX Graph, we have access to 1.1 billion professionals across over 140 industries, whom we can filter based on specific research criteria.


When investors require more qualitative data for deeper insights, surveys easily evolve into a hybrid end-to-end research methodology.
NewtonX can source just about any expert at scale. I had a great experience with their team and they absolutely delivered the insights we needed to make our decision.
Portfolio Manager

Proven results

We’ve been lucky to work with leading hedge funds and understand that time is money. We’re here to support your niche requests and deliver verified hedge fund insights at scale.


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