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Financial Services & Institutions

Financial Services & Institutions

Financial services market research can help your institution succeed in a rapidly changing world. Success is more than a numbers game. Robust data and rich insights will support faster, better decision-making in a high-stakes, high-risk environment. Reaching people with niche expertise is a tall, but necessary order. Generalities won’t cut it. You will need to work with a partner who knows how to reach exactly who you need to reach for exactly the information you require. 


Financial services market research is an investment a competitive advantage and future growth


NewtonX is your ideal research partner in the financial services industry. Our innovation-driven approach uses AI to recruit, a targeted outreach process, technology that verifies identity and expertise, along with analytics that turn raw data into real-time intel. 

With access to over 1.1 billion professionals, our NewtonX Knowledge Graph pinpoints the exact individuals with the answers to your most critical business questions around industry challenges such as:  

  • What trends are shaping the marketplace?
  • What are client pain points, what gaps exist where are the opportunities?
  • How can financial institutions reinvent their business models?
  • How can financial service institutions understand customer insights to prevent debt and lost revenue?
  • How can financial institutions compete in this new hyper-competitive environment?


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Finding niche expertise for in every corner of the financial services industry


Should a global payment processing company pursue a revenue opportunity?

Our client with a global payments portfolio used NewtonX  to recruit 15 impossible-to-reach Fortune 1000 chief financial officers. 


Helping a hedge fund evaluate the quality of an investment opportunity

We helped a leading software and technology-focused hedge fund evaluate and test an investment hypotheses. We designed and launched a targeted survey within 24 hours, reaching 60 professionals in 5 business days.


Getting the right intel to enter the U.S. fleet financing market

A prominent financial services company needed to understand the U.S. fleet financing market. We fielded an expert advisory group with 10 decision-makers and 10 drivers in just 15 days. 

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Our clients include the world’s most influential financial institutions. Reach out to learn more about how we helped.