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What is BPTO?

brand price trade off research

What are the benefits of BPTO?

BPTO research offers numerous benefits for businesses aiming to fine-tune their pricing strategies, enhance brand positioning, and maximize their competitive advantage:

Informed Pricing Decisions

BPTO allows companies to determine optimal price points for their products or services. By understanding how price changes affect consumer choices, businesses can set prices that maximize profitability while maintaining customer interest.

Brand Strength Assessment

BPTO helps evaluate the strength of a brand in the eyes of consumers. It provides insights into the impact of branding on purchasing decisions, allowing businesses to nurture and leverage their brand equity effectively.

Competitive Analysis

This research methodology enables companies to compare their brand’s performance against competitors at different price levels. It provides valuable insights into where a brand stands within its market segment and opportunities for differentiation.

Customer Segmentation

BPTO can reveal distinct customer segments with varying preferences for brand and price. This segmentation can guide targeted marketing efforts and product development tailored to specific consumer groups.

Product Development

Insights gained from BPTO can inform product development decisions by helping companies understand the features and attributes customers value most relative to pricing.

Enhanced Profitability

By optimizing pricing based on customer preferences, businesses can increase sales and revenue. BPTO allows for pricing strategies that balance profitability with customer satisfaction.

Marketing Strategy

Understanding the trade-offs consumers make between brand and price informs marketing strategies. Companies can create compelling value propositions and messaging to appeal to their target audience effectively.

Risk Mitigation

BPTO helps minimize the risk of price changes negatively impacting brand perception or customer loyalty. Businesses can implement pricing adjustments with greater confidence.

Long-Term Success

Consistent use of BPTO ensures that pricing and branding strategies align with evolving market dynamics and consumer preferences, contributing to long-term business success.

Brand price trade-off services and capabilities

Hitting the mark with your pricing strategy drives profits, whether you’re aiming for higher margins or increased volume of sales. Instead of just diving in with cost-plus pricing, you want to build in market research insights that reveal your clients’ willingness to pay. Work with a research partner to consider BPTO analysis as part of your overall pricing research strategy.

Brand price trade off analysis is a tool that measures your brand equity, in relation to other products/services or brands on the market. Maybe you’re perceived as a premium brand and can be charging more. Or perhaps sales are down because your product is considered to be a discount offering and the current price is too high. It’s the right tool for comparing brands that are close substitutes for each other, with products or services that have similar features. BPTO analysis is one step on the way to understanding your customers’ willingness to pay. 

NewtonX pricing strategy research is a combination of all the methodologies necessary to give you precise insights into all the factors that influence pricing. BPTO analysis gives a general idea of your clients’ preferences. A research partner might decide that choice-based conjoint analysis will give you more useful, real-world behavior insights to build your pricing strategy on. And you will certainly need to use other research tools to get decision quality data about price elasticity, forecasting revenue and market share, and purchase volume.

How does BPTO work?

market entry research

When to use BPTO?

management consulting

Brand price trade-off research to deliver both scale and specificity

Our technology reaches across 140+ industries to give you the scale of a panel combined with the depth of an expert network. From professionals en masse to niche, hard-to-find audiences, the NewtonX Knowledge Graph can find the exact people to deliver the business insights you need. We’re the only customer loyalty research agency that’s developed proprietary research technology to keep up with market demands. Here’s just a sampling of who we pinpoint, for everything from 5,000+ participant surveys to curated groups of in-depth interviews.



  • Cryptocurrency specialists advising on hedge fund projects 
  • Advertising professionals overseeing brand spend
  • Reddit users that visit Reddit for NSFW content
  • IT decision-makers evaluating cloud software services


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What questions does BPTO analysis answer?

BPTO analysis addresses several critical questions that are fundamental to a business’s pricing and branding strategy:

Optimal Pricing Points

BPTO helps determine the ideal price points at which your products or services can maximize profitability while maintaining strong brand value.

Brand Equity Impact

It assesses how different pricing scenarios impact your brand’s equity and perception in the eyes of consumers. For example, will lowering prices diminish brand perception?

Competitive Positioning

BPTO can reveal how your pricing strategies compare to those of competitors. Are you positioned as a premium brand or a budget-friendly option in the market?

Customer Preferences

It uncovers consumer preferences, shedding light on whether customers prioritize brand loyalty over lower prices or vice versa.

Market Segmentation

BPTO can help segment your market based on consumer preferences, allowing you to tailor pricing and branding strategies to different customer groups.

Product Line Optimization

For businesses with multiple product offerings, BPTO aids in optimizing the pricing and branding mix within the product portfolio.

Promotions and Discounts

It guides decisions on when and how to introduce promotions, discounts, or bundling strategies without adversely affecting brand perception.

New Product Launch

When introducing a new product or service, BPTO provides insights into how pricing will impact its adoption rate and acceptance among customers.

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I was really excited when we found NewtonX. Their Custom Recruiting has genuinely been a game changer for us in terms of data quality. Not only do I have much greater trust in the data, but the variation in the data means I can more easily provide actionable direction for our product and marketing teams without finding myself rationalizing away bad data.

Matt Harris Senior Customer Research & Insights Manager

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